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Webinars save time and money.  Avoid travel expense and lost productivity by taking advantage of contents restoration training just a mouse click away!  You can now choose instant access to On-Demand Streaming Webinars for the ultimate in scheduling convenience, with unlimited access!

CPO/DPI Webinar Combo

Our most popular deal is back!  For a limited time, get a smokin' deal on BOTH our Contents Processing and Pack Outs (CPO) and Digital Photo Inventory (DPI) webinars for ONLY $999 (yes, that’s a savings of over $1,579)!


Job Planning

Get control of your pack outs and Increase your profit margins! In this 2-Hour webinar I share and explain the 50+ Point Checklist I use for walk-throughs PLUS dozens of customizable forms.
ONLY $149!

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Facility Design

This is a 90 minute introduction to facility design for contents restoration processing centers.  Learn how setting up the facility efficiently WITH THE PROPER FLOW, SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT is as crucial as starting the job at all!  Enhance your company's image, instill confidence in your services and create a safe and enjoyable work environment for your team.
ONLY $149!

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Pre Estimating

Learn a straight forward method to write contents PRE-ESTIMATING in this 3 hour webinar.  Contents estimates are among the most confusing, least trusted & most challenged portion of your restoration project. Learn to create successfully written, transparent estimates - Increase sales - Speed up closure rates - Avoid putting red flags with adjusters - Improve profit margins - Build trust with insureds and adjusters - Allow adjusters to set reserves.
ONLY $295!

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Digital Photo Inventory Webinar

4 hour webinar showing you the techniques that reduce your liability and save your money!

ONLY $679!


Contents Processing and Pack Out Webinar

8 hour on demand streaming webinar featuring everything you need to know about how to get the job, run the job

ONLY $1299!