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Save time and money - avoid travel expenses and lost productivity.  Take advantage of contents restoration training just a mouse click away! 

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The Comprehensive "Contents Training Combo"

Contents Processing & Pack Out Training


8 Hours of On-Demand Training

  • Avoiding Pack Out Pitfalls

  • Four Factors of a Successful Contents Division

  • Complete Walk-Through Procedure

  • Dozens of open Word document FORMS - add your logo and customize them to your needs

  • On Site Job Prep

  • Packing Methods

  • Packing Supplies and Equipment

  • Basics of Smoke Damage

  • Loading and Unloading the Moving Truck

  • Basics of Document Processing

  • Proper Handling (or NOT) Artwork

INCLUDES: Walk-Through & Job Planning Forms - Dozens of Customizable Word Docs

On Demand Streaming CPO Webinar

Gain access to the pre-recorded webinar, with over 8 hours of content, by choosing the CPO Webinar On-Demand. This option gives you unlimited opportunities for you and your team to view the webinar. Pause, rewind, and re-watch the content as many times as you like.

ALL FOR JUST $1,299!

Digital Photo Inventory


4+ Hours of On-Demand Training

Just Imagine!

  • No more unsubstantiated claims against your company!
  • No more lost items!
  • No more frustrated clients!

In just one 4-hour session with Barb Jackson, CR, you entire team can receive complete training for the Digital Photo Inventory System.

NOTE: This system is not based on inventory software.  It teaches fundamentals of contents inventory, photo taking and documentation.  It is a stand-alone inventory system.  The principles taught can also be used with any inventory software program.  

Inventory Procedures – Check and double check, digital photos, on computer and on hard copy paper forms.  Nothing lost, and proof that your staff did not damage the client’s valuables.

Forms – Every form you need from arrival to pack out, to vault, to pack back, and the rights to reproduce them for every job, every member of your staff.

DPI – The actual PowerPoint used to teach the class is now in your hands so you can teach new staff and have refreshers for those who need to go over it again!

DPI Manual – 51 pages of pure gold!  Everything you need to know to conduct a fast, effective inventory – the sort of training that makes adjusters take notice!

With this training and these materials, any of your trained staff can train a new worker in under 30 minutes on site and have him working right along with those who have done it a dozen times before!

All materials delivered by email in PDF or MS Word format so you can easily reproduce them for every member of your team.


  • DPI Training Manual & Forms in PDF Format by email.
  • Dozens of actual Working Documents!!
  • Inventory & Warehouse Forms
  • PDF’s of PowerPoint Course Materials

On Demand Streaming DPI Webinar

Gain access to the pre-recorded webinar, with over 4 hours of content, by choosing the DPI Webinar On-Demand. This option gives you unlimited opportunities for you and your team to view the webinar. Pause, rewind, and re-watch the content as many times as you like.


Purchase each webinar separately or purchase the combo for over HALF OFF!

  • Contents Processing & Pack Out (CPO) Webinar
  • Digital Photo Inventory (DPI) Webinar 
  • Receive 14 IICRC CE Hours for each attendee

COMBO ONLY $999 (yes, that’s a savings of over $1,579!)



It’s no secret we believe that training is one of the core factors to success in the contents restoration business. So for a limited time, when you sign-up for our Contents Processing and Pack Outs and Digital Photo Inventory webinars, you will get both for a great deal at just $999!

Contents Processing & Pack Outs (CPO) Train your entire team in just 8 HOURS!
(2) 4-hour sessions. 

You will learn:

  • How to avoid major pack out pitfalls
  • Four factors of a successful contents division - Personnel; The Facility; Equipment & Supplies & Systems
  • A complete Walk-Through process - used on thousands of projects 
  • How to increase productivity & profit margins

PLUS – you will receive printed manuals and dozens of customizable documents - add your logo and/or customize for YOUR company.
Regular Price:  $1,299.00

Digital Photo Inventory (DPI) Train your entire team in just (1) 4-hour session.

You will learn: 

  • The value of documenting the pre-existing conditions of everything you pack
  • Why photos are more crucial than written descriptions
  • Reduce liabilities - on-site and at your processing facility
  • Increase profit margins

PLUS – receive every form you’ll need from arrival to pack out and more!
Regular Price:  $679.00

Upon payment we will email  you links to the recordings and the downloadable forms.

More Great Webinar Deals

Job Planning System & Editable Forms

Ready to get control of your pack outs? This 90 minute webinar will show you the Total Contentz Job Planning System - with the 50 Point Checklist and dozens of working forms.  Forms which you can customize for YOUR company and use on YOUR pack outs.

Many of the pitfalls experienced on pack outs are due to not following really simple procedures - like not asking the same questions on each new claim assignment; not getting a signature when disposing of the insured's contents; packing out contents that the insured should maintain possession of; not taking initial walk-through photographs with date stamps; not identifying scheduled items, collectibles, high value contents, rush items, etc. that are on the property.

Limit your company's liabilities with our proven pack out procedures, and do the job right every time!

ONLY $149!

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Facility Design

This is a 90 minute introduction to facility design for contents restoration processing centers.  This webinar is for you if:

  • You are dreaming of a new warehouse
  • Your warehouse has "no flow" or tends to bottleneck in certain areas
  • You find yourself wasting time moving furniture & boxes through a maze - resulting in damage or loss along the way
  • You have trouble clearly identifying contents & which jobs they belong to  

Learn how setting up the facility efficiently WITH THE PROPER FLOW, SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT is as crucial as starting the job at all!  Enhance your company's image, instill confidence in your services and create a safe and enjoyable work environment for your team.

ONLY $149!

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Contents Pre-Estimating

Learn a straight forward method to write contents PRE-ESTIMATING in this 3 hour webinar.  Contents estimates are among the most confusing & least trusted portion of your restoration project. 

PRE-ESTIMATING can be done on the initial walk through. Learn how to agree on a price before work even begins.
Learn a simple pre-estimating method that:

  • Takes the guess work out of pack out estimates!
  • Can be adjusted based on the actual work performed.
  • Can be adjusted per requirements of insurance companies & TPA programs

Create successfully written, transparent estimates that Increase sales, speed up closure rates and improve profit margins.

ONLY $295!

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