Contents Restoration & Pack Out
Estimate Writing  & Reviews

With over 30 years experience, Barb Jackson, CR will create your pre-estimate from info you provide from your initial walk through; write the final estimate; and/or do a review when you get push back.
Or have Barb teach you  with online Pre-Estimating Training!

  • Swamped with jobs?

  • Not getting contents estimates out quick enough?

  • Getting “push back” from the adjuster?

Let us do your contents estimates & reviews!

Contents Estimates - $350

Send us job photos and/or Matterport file and we will create an Xactimate estimate from scratch (includes pre-estimate or final estimate).  We will provide the ESX file and PDF or we can build it directly in your Xactimate online account.  (Just provide access) 

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Contents Estimate Review - $100

Send us your estimate along with your ESX file & we will review it for potential issues & possibly recommend additional valid line items to include which may have been overlooked.

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Estimating Training for Pack Outs & Contents Restoration

Learn how to do your own contents estimates in this live 4-hour training.  Include your whole team for 


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Contents Restoration estimates are typically the most confusing, least trusted and most challenged portion of a restoration project.   Avoid building estimates which put up red flags with adjusters. Learn a straight-forward method to base your contents estimating on.
  • 4-hour one-on-one live video training via Zoom video conferencing
  • Schedule at your convenience
  • Include your entire team
  • No travel expenses

Successfully written estimates

  • Increase sales
  • Speed up closure rates
  • Decrease Additional Living Expenses
  • Improve profit margin
  • Build trust with insureds and adjusters
  • Allow adjusters to set up reserves

A system that takes the guess work out of pack out estimates
One that you can adjust based on the actual work performed.
One that can be adjusted as insurance companies, programs and individual adjusters chop and change the way they want the estimates to be submitted.

When adjusters don't understand the pricing - they won't trust the estimate, they may not trust the contractor - and of course - they will push back on it.

  • When is a pack out truly justified? What factors should be considered?
  • "Time & Material" or "Line Item" Pricing - Is one better? Is one guaranteed to be less expensive for the insurance carrier?
  • When is on-site storage the worst option?
  • What value is there in identifying high value contents ASAP?
  • When is the best time to decide on the level of pack back?

Contractors- you may have seen your competitors win a bid based on a lower bottom line...only to see them submit supplements - which inflates the cost of the job in the long run.
Adjusters - you may have verbally agreed on a scope of work to be performed - was the delivered product as promised?

  • Learn to understand the requirements of insurance carriers, programs and adjusters. High detail vs. very simple estimates.
  • Overly complicated or too simplistic estimates - both can raise doubts.
  • Success starts with a clearly defined scope AND an agreed upon estimate.

Learn how to

  • Progressively educate adjusters on contents restoration
  • Perform a thorough walk through
  • Offer exceptional Customer Service
  • Assess type of damage
  • Identify contents affected
  • Inspect for hidden conditions
  • Document, document, document
  • Determine scope based on policy provisions (or limitations)
  • Establish and maintain control of the job and job costs
  • Set expectations for all stake holders
  • Write T&M and Line Item Pricing
  • Write opening statements
  • Negotiate when there is limited coverage
  • Protect yourself with Legal Contracts and Forms
  • Set realistic expectations
  • Use pre-estimating as a marketing tool
  • Create contents estimates for on-site cleaning and pack outs
  • Minimize push backs/price objections

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