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Are you ready to set up your facility so it is a JAMMIN' PROFIT CENTER? 
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If you are ready to grow your contents restoration division and make some serious money...
You are at the right place!!!    

  • Let's start with the math:¬† A typical pack out job ranges between $15k-$150K.¬† That means 10 water losses plus 1- 2 fire losses per month equals $600K to $1 million per year.¬†¬†

10 water losses  +  1-2 fire losses  =  $600K - $1 Million per year

  • Are you subbing out (giving away) your pack outs or textiles jobs?¬† Are you leaving money on the table with almost every job?
    WHY?!  You worked hard for YOUR LEADS, based on YOUR RELATIONSHIPS and YOUR REPUTATION.  Put that money in YOUR pocket and grow YOUR business!  You did the work, you paid for the training -- why not gather the profits that you have earned?

  • Your facility is a key factor in your success.¬† If you are already rocking it...your facility is bursting-at-the-seams...and you HAVE to expand to keep up with the growth - WE WILL SHOW YOU THE INSIDER SECRETS OF THE BIG COMPANIES!¬†¬†Being efficient¬†and professional will separate you from the pack!¬† PLUS - did you know - storage fees alone could pay your monthly lease or mortgage payment! It's a WIN-WIN!¬†

We will work with you to design a Cash-Producing Contents Processing Facility! 

Elite Design Package

For those who have "arrived".  You have grown your book of steady business; you see the profits and now you're ready to go even bigger!  

So - are you looking at a long-term lease on a large space?  Or breaking ground on a new building? 

It's a huge commitment and investment.  You want to set it up correctly from the start.  No more ad-hoc set-ups to just "make do" and no more re-dos.  This is it!  You are in it for the long haul!  That new leather office chair is going to look great in your corner office!

So, here's what we are going to do for you: All the benefits of the DELUXE PACKAGE PLUS:

  • Intensive one-on-one time to get to know you and understand your goals, your vision and your budget.¬†
  • Determine space requirements of other divisions sharing the building.¬†¬†
  • Easement, parking, exterior parking/storage potential.¬†¬†
  • Determine best location for overhead doors, docks and man-doors.
  • Plumbing, drainage & electrical recommendations for all current and future equipment and cleaning stations.
  • Start-up equipment & supplies.
  • Budget projection if needed for loan applications.¬†
  • Storage planning ‚Äď for vaults, racking, shelving, & supplies.
  • CAD Drawing with Electrical & Plumbing plus any Proposed Equipment Schedule
  • Facility development budget suitable for obtaining financing.
  • Assistance with selection and procurement of equipment & supplies.
  • Unlimited¬†phone and/or email consultations.
  • Optional on-site visit - for an additional fee.

Deluxe Design Package

So, you realized how much money you've been missing out on by subbing pack outs and decided to do them in-house.  Yes!!!  That low-hanging fruit!  It was right there all along.  You're finding your way and it's been kind of easy pickings!  You and your team are confident, getting steady referrals, and you're ready to do even more. 

Are you expanding into a bigger portion of your building or moving into a larger building? Did you apply for a biz dev grant, an SBA loan or self-funding?   

We are here to help!  We will work with what you have, help you stretch a little & work with your budget to get the most bang for your buck.   

So, here's what's included:  all the benefits of the RETROFIT PACKAGE PLUS:

  • Productivity plan to accommodate growth.
  • Electrical recommendations (To be verified by local installer per local code)
  • Plumbing recommendations for all equipment and cleaning stations
  • Equipment and supplies recommendations for contents processing¬†area / division
  • Storage planning ‚Äď for vaults, shelving, supplies, etc.
  • Unlimited phone and/or email consultations

Retrofit Design Package

We see you looking!  You're curious - you want to offer contents processing - but you don't quite have the "book of business" yet.  Your shop is small and cramped.  You're not sure you have the right staff or experience.  We will help you add basic contents processing capabilities in your current space with minimal amount of building modifications and expense. 

We offer a fresh set of eyes to see how you can rearrange your space with the least amount of impact on your building or budget - but a HUGE impact in your capabilities and bottom line.  We can do miracles with a small space!  You might need to knock out a wall, run some plumbing, clear out old building supplies or quit storing your boat in your shop! (LOL!)  We can't promise it won't hurt a little, but we guarantee that if you are willing to open up some space in your shop you will grow your business and make more money!

Small changes in your shop, cherry-picking the right jobs to start with, starting slow and smart (with our help) will get you, your team and your wallet ready to afford a bigger building and expanded services someday. 

  • Includes equipment layout for existing facility, existing equipment.
  • Recommendations for equipment and supplies. 
  • 50-Point Client Profile Survey to determine present capabilities and future growth
  • Layout based on photos, videos and/or drawings supplied by client.
  • Includes productivity layout.
  • Unlimited phone and/or email consultations.

Elite Package


  • For experienced contents pros building out a new facility layout
  • Determine space requirements, easement &¬† parking
  • Maximize storage options
  • Plumbing, drainage & electrical recommendations.¬†
  • Start-up equipment and supplies
  • Storage planning
  • Budget projection
  • Assistance with procurement of equipment and supplies
  • CAD drawings with electrical and plumbing layout¬†
  • Proposed Equipment Schedule
  • Unlimited phone and/or email consultations

Deluxe Package


  • For those looking to improve their existing contents division
  • Productivity plan
  • Electrical & plumbing recommendations
  • Equipment & supplies recommendations
  • Storage planning
  • Unlimited phone and/or email consultations

Retrofit Package


  • For those just starting out in contents - for approx. 2,500 SF
  • Equipment layout¬†
  • Productivity layout
  • Equipment and supplies recommendations
  • Unlimited phone and/or email consultations.


Take the first step!  Contact us for more information
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I work along with Tim Jackson (my hubby) who is a Registered Master Plumber.  We have designed dozens of facilities across the US & Canada. 
We blend our talents with your ideas & goals to develop a professionally designed money-making facility.

- Barb Jackson, CR