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Contents Restoration Success Book

Barb Jackson, CR shares the secrets that she has used to help make over 2000 contents restoration companies successful!

Contractors have been paying Barb $200 per hour to solve their contents challenges. Now, for a fraction of that hourly rate, you get to read her favorite money making, job acquisition, job management, and on-the-job strategies (that really work and can get you hired again and again)!

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197 Ways to Persuade Adjusters to Give You the Job

Get the book that gives you the job!  When just one strategy works, you will make hundreds of times what you pay for this book -and you have 197 tips, techniques and strategies, right here in one place! You only need one – but it’s nice to know you have plenty more when you want them!

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Get Paid!

  • When an insurance company has your money and refuses to pay you for the work you have completed
  • When a mortgage company gives your money to the homeowner and washes its hands of any responsibility
  • When a homeowner levels false charges against you (just to save a few dollars)

Whose fault is it?
What can you do?
How do you fight these guys?

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Carpet Cleaners Book of Unlimited Success

  • You’ve got the equipment
  • You’ve got the training
  • You’ve got the front-line workers

If you have a carpet cleaning division and they aren’t working every day, you need this new book that is “packed to the gills” with ways to get more jobs and make more money — all year long!


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