Ultrasonics Training

Hands-On Ultrasonics Training

This 1-Day private training can be done live online or on-site at your facility. 
Improve your Ultrasonic contents cleaning productivity and profitability. 

Include your entire team for one low rate!

 This Class is for you if:

You have ultrasonic equipment  and want to ensure efficiencies

You have ultrasonic equipment that is collecting dust, not being used

You are thinking of adding the equipment to your profit-making center

Your personnel need training and direction on equipment set up, maintenance,  supplies, proper cleaning agents, and more! 

You want to make money with your equipment


 You Will Learn:

  • How to maximize your profits and get the best ROI 
  • The best settings, best solutions, best techniques
  • The “Insiders Secrets” for doing the best job with the least risk 
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Procedures … Assembly Line Methods
  • How to Clean Contents for highest profit:
    • General Contents – Dishes, ceramics, crystal, tools, etc.
    • Specialty and fragile items
    • Electrical appliances
    • Soot, sewage and mold-contaminated items – yes, ultrasonics destroys mold!
  • How to increase productivity and profit margins by:
    • Implementing proper packing procedures 
    • Properly sorting and preparing contents
    • Implementing ways to efficiently and professionally restore contents
  • How to determine which items should not be cleaned ultrasonically
  • How to expand your services outside the restoration industry by offering specialty services for new profit centers - with equipment you already own!

 Instructor: Tim Jackson

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