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You want more Contents Restoration/Pack Out jobs
Here's how to get them!

The best job acquisition tool is an ad that looks and reads like a newsletter (but acts like a job magnet). It is called Contents Solutions. It is customized for your company (your logo, your phone number - in 3 places where they can't be missed).
  Contents Solutions isn’t expensive – just $3 a day ($87 a month). And it shows adjusters how you make them look good to their managers, improve their bottom line, save valuables for owners and get policies renewed for agents (and we'll prove it)!
If you were them, who would you hire? A contractor who shows them each month how to make money or save money by restoring instead of replacing – or a contractor who tells them he just bought a new washing machine, more dehus or a new truck-mount?
The company that helps the adjusters look good to their bosses and helps agents get policy renewals is the one they want working for them... we show them yours is the right company - right now.
When you are ready to be a restoration company that matters to them, become their go-to resource -- the one that shows them how to be more successful...we can help make that happen.
The one they trust is the one they hire.
There is no contract. No obligation. No risk. Quit anytime.
 You get an exclusive territory in which to distribute your customized issues. Your logo, your phone number, your address (and no one else's) appears in three places in every issue. 
(We won’t sell to anyone else in your service area).
We will even put it in writing.
We take care of the writing, editing, research and graphic design. You get 2 versions each month - a PDF version which can be emailed to your contacts and one that is formatted to be professionally printed. You can have your printer print as many copies as you like which can be shared on your marketing route, at tradeshows, with adjusters, agents, property managers, insureds, lawyers, etc.

You get our best results for just $87 dollars a month. It tells them why they should hire you and no one else for their next job - and we do it every month. All you do is email them or mail them to those whose jobs you want (or walk right up and hand them one.)
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